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SANGERMANI S&S KETCH 19.60 MT 1976/7 – Oliria – new teak deck

Please have a look to this 2023 video, link below and some 2023 pics at the bottom :

Video WhatsApp 2023-02-15 ore 09.18.33

Video WhatsApp 2023-06-18 ore 16.18.19

Year 2023

New teak deck 2020 please have a look at the bottom. The owner is an old friend of my mother in law. I I’ve known this yacht and her restorers  for 20 years.



ketch 1976-77

builder Sangermani

designer S&S

loa 19.60 mt

beam 4.95 mt

draft 3.05 mt

displ 39 t

3 cabins +1 crew + 3 bath.

perfect condition

flag UK

Lavori  Anno  2008

Nuovo  teak  pozzetto

Gomma  nuova  su  tutta  la  coperta

Nuovi  motori per gruppi  frigo

Aria condizionata  :  3 gruppi  singoli  per ogni  cabina

Motore  Yamaha  4 tempi  50  HP per il  tender, con rinforzo gruette.

Pitturazione completa   scafo

Cuscini  esterni  tutti  nuovi

Lavori  Anno  2009

Nuovo  Generatore  Kholer  14,5  KW

Elica  di prua  Side Power mod  SP 200 Tci

Sostituzione  passa scafi e valvole aspirazione mare

N. 2  serbatoi  Gasolio  nuovi  acciaio  inox

Nuovo  motore  Volvo  D 4 – 180 cv

Nuovo  asse  elica

Nuova elica

n. 2 batterie  100 ah  900 A ( alimentazione  motore e gruppo )

revisione  impianto  scarico

Lavori  Anno  2010

Sostituzione  batterie  servizi –  Giugno 2010

Nuovo   tender  Zodiac  420 mt.

Lavori  Anno  2011

Sostituzione  di  tutte le  drizze  con relativi  moschettoni con le  carrucole  di testa d’albero

Sostituzione   completa  delle  volanti

Sostituzione  completa  del  Vang

Controllo  vele e riparazioni delle  stesse dal  costruttore

Anno  2014: sartiame, alberi, boccaporti, verricello ancora.

Anno 2015:
a)      Vele nuove (Zaoli)
b)      Strumentazione elettronica interna ed esterna Nuova ( Raymarine)
c)       Bagni silenziosi (WC) nuovi
d)      Riparazione scafo completa, sostituzione bulloni con il  ripristino mettendo  tutte le ordinate
a terra
e)      Sistemazione impianto elettrico
f)       Sostituzione serbatoi acqua : nuovi
g)      Batterie nuove
h)      Pitturazione opera viva e legni opera morta

Works year 2021-2022

1) Rehabilitation of beams and stanchions attachment holes in rotten areas
2) Internal disassembly and reassembly for access to the beams and pins tightening areas
3) Control and reconstruction on the all chain plate ( main, jigger, mizzen, backstay, fore ) with new pins
And with new steel bars under the beams attacks
4) Marine plywood replacement and painting of the beams structures before assembly
5) New teak deck 15 mm thick
6) New manhole on the deck. New 6 porthole in the main cabin.
7) New teak internal panel of all manhole
8) Bow anchor winch : overhauled, painted, chromed
9) Chrome plating, vents polishing, stanchion + new fixing pins
10) Rails return ropes for Genoa or Jib : all new Pins with reinforcement under the rails
11) Removal of star mirror paint
12) Stripping-painting of the entire deck copal, sanding, application of n. 10 coats of copal
EPIPHAN On the whole boat ( gunwale, bow tanbuccio, aft cockpit)

1) Disassembly and assembly stern wheelhouse
2) Pull-out of the rudder
3) Rudder stripping and reconstruction
4) New rudder attack with new insert
MAST and BOOM 2022
1) Masts disembarkation and embarkation
2) Disassembly and assembly of all equipment from the masts and booms
3) Painting of masts and booms
Quickwork 2022
1) Stripping all painting and repairing with tightening in some points
2) Caulking, painting and antifouling painted

Shaft line transmission 2022

1) Disassembly of shaft line with propeller
2) Propeller balancing
3) New shaft and new homokinetic joint water drive and bearing
4) Seal PSS 60 and bushs
Engine and Koler maintenance with replacement of filters, oil, impellers, belts

Electrical System 2022
a) New electrical system for the Italian rules
b) New distribution panel

Motore-generatore 13kw- Dissalatore 2400 lt/giorno

giu 2023

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